Spiritual Death

Physical death is painful for a limited time, but spiritual death is eternal torment. Spiritual healing is of infinitely higher value than physical healing. In some cases the soul wisely chooses physical disability or death in order to safeguard its spirit.

This is like a chess master sacrificing valuable pieces – even his queen, if he must – to defeat his opponent.

Consider the human as male and female in the image of their Creator, who is best understood as three-in-one: Father, Son, and Spirit.

The soul is our sovereign will, made in the image of the invisible Father. The existence and intentions of the Father can only be inferred in the created world by what he says and does by his Son or body. The human body is therefore the “word” or incarnation of our unseen will.

Think of the will as an author you will never meet, except through his words. Our speech and actions are the book of our life; thus, a lie is as potent an instrument of injury to one’s spirit as a cancer is to the body.

Whoever lives a lie is spiritually wounded, and without healing his or her spirit may die. When our spirits are nourished with truth, we survive physical death without permanent harm.

I am a sovereign person. I can walk on in my dying or choose life. I choose life when I seek my Creator’s design and purpose with all my heart, all my soul, and all my power. I ask the Father to bring my spirit to life with his Spirit by breaking off the lies I have believed and lived by, and by revealing his son – his image – my image.