The Small Group Bible Studies are Free Downloads
By: Date: June 12, 2018 Categories: Uncategorized

I’m happy to announce that all my Small Group Bible Studies are available for download free of charge. Please visit the Bible Studies Tab (for PC), or tap the menu icon (for mobile) and select Bible Studies from the drop down list. Download any of the Small Group Studies by clicking on the link below the study you would like.


All my group studies are intended for serious Bible readers and contain homework that typically takes 2 or more hours per lesson. Ideally, members of your small group will do their own research. I used to sell the Teacher Keys separately, but in an effort to simplify, I am including my own answers to homework questions with every download. Essentially, the answers are at the back of the book, just like Algebra.

I have long been unsatisfied with Bible group study in churches because there is either too much discussion with little Bible learning, or too much material and not enough time to discuss and apply it personally. I address this problem by making each lesson take two weeks. In the first week, the group covers the material by reading the lesson together and sharing their ideas – before doing any research. On the second week, the group goes through the homework questions from the previous week and shares their research.

New believers without much research experience benefit enormously by learning how others found their answers, and mature Bible readers have an opportunity to share their vast store of wisdom at the same time. I have found this two-week cycle to be extremely engaging, and it leads to significant growth in the Word for persons of all levels of experience.

I wrote each of the Small Group Bible Studies for a group of about five people who met regularly at our apartment complex public room on Friday evenings. Anyone could walk in and join us if they wanted to. We brought fast food, deserts, or home cooked dishes and everyone shared what they brought. We also sang songs and served communion each week before opening our Bibles and diving into the Word.

We ended studies by praying for one another. In some of the meetings, visitors received the Lord, someone expressed their doubts, someone confessed sins, someone prophesied, or someone was healed. It was the best version of church we have ever known.

Please invite neighbors and non-Christians. Put signs on the mailboxes and bulletin boards. We tried doing some of the same studies at a church, but they never had the impact of the groups we led in our apartment complex.