Michael Mann is a regular member of Priest Lake Christian Fellowship in Antioch, TN. He and his wife Sandra have prophetic gifts that are not at all remarkable in the greater body of believers, as all believers have spiritual gifts. Michael’s gift is empathy, and Sandra’s is sight. If we want to be dramatic, we could call ourselves an Empath and Seer, but those names seem pretentious for the small contributions we make with them.

An empath is a person who feels what other people are feeling, and hears their thoughts. I am able to use this in healing work to assist with determining the cause of a person’s distress and to focus attention on the right thing for the person to receive healing. I also use it to understand and appreciate people who are not easy to love. I have worked with persons that have physical and mental disabilities all my life.

Sandra sometimes sees the spiritual world, or spirits, and angels accompanying people or operating independently. She prefers to live in newer housing, because old places have more spirits around them. Sandra is a C.P.A. and works for the Tennessee Department of Corrections.

I don’t like to talk about my past, because that belonged to another Michael Mann, before the life I now live as an ordinary Christian. He was a Mormon, served as a missionary in French Polynesia, was a supervising teacher at the Missionary Training Center for a number of years, was a seminary teacher, and earned degrees in Physical Education and Physical Therapy. He was a pioneer in pain management, and later became a rehabilitation engineer – an occupation in which I still work. Rehabilitation engineers design accommodations for persons with disabilities. I have worked extensively with non-verbal children, learning disabled students, Deaf, blind, and with people of all ages confined to wheelchairs.

I began writing in a time of personal healing in which I felt powerless to do anything else, and have continued writing as a hobby ever since. I write letters to inmates, to sponsored children in other countries, and I meet with a group of Christian writers on a monthly basis where we read each other’s work to provide encouragement and feedback. I hope one day to finish a book I am working on about spiritual healing.

My publisher for Kairos Letters and The Two Breads was Tate Publishing, but they had to close and I had too few readers to justify republishing. I have some copies of The Two Breads left in my closet if anyone is interested. Many of the themes from my books are found in my blogs, which you can navigate from the index page to find a topic of interest. My main contribution is in the area of typological study of the Bible – the study of what types are, and how they deepen our understanding of the text in surprising ways.

I don’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts anymore, because I became concerned about the effects of social media on myself and on Christian life. The kingdom of God is intended to be like a field of mustard plants, not like towering mustard trees with birds lodging in them. For more on this, visit my Bible study on the Kingdom Parables: http://michaelmannauthor.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Matthew-13-The-Kingdom-Parables-with-Teacher-Key.pdf.

You can contact me directly via email at mikemann1234567@gmail.com if you want to get in touch.