The Two Breads:  Life and Death in the Communion Meal

On day one, God said, “Let there be light.” He divided it from the darkness, creating two realms. He made a greater light to rule the day and a lesser light to rule the night. The greater had light within himself, but the lesser could only reflect it. Indeed, he only seemed like a bright light to those in darkness, for he stands in the light of heaven to deceive everyone that looks up before the dawn.

Each day was evening and morning—erev and boker—thus the moon appeared first and the sun afterward. I am careful to point out these events in creation to unearth something many pass over. The innocence of men and angels was not designed to endure, for the stage on which they acted out the play of life was already divided into night and day. The main difficulty was to distinguish one from the other, for each is ruled by a bright light.

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Kairos Letters:  Love Letters to Believers Behind Bars 

‘I was suddenly plunged into the most brilliant light, but it did not hurt my eyes or burn my skin. I could not see the sun; it was as if the light was everywhere so nothing cast a shadow. I did not feel air moving against my skin; the absence of that seemed strange. I could not remember having died; I was alive in the body, and then I was here.’

Drink deeply from the fountain of God’s love as you open and read the Kairos Letters, written to women inmates who are believers in Jesus Christ. Each of these letters takes you into a different garden where God shows his amazing love in an amazing way. Learn about the private garden he has planted in your heart and the plants that are growing there. 

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