Bible Studies

How to Read the Old Testament

This is a 10 week introduction to prophesy – not only as prediction and fulfillment, but as pattern with recurrences. As we walk through the life of Abraham in Genesis, we see how the Bible uses elements from his story as a repeating pattern in the life of the nation of Israel and in the lives of New Testament believers. If we understand Abraham’s friendship with God, we will also understand the basis for our own relationship with God.




In the Beginning: Genesis 1-11

The first eleven chapters of Genesis are critical for understanding the difference between God’s dealings with the world at large, with Abraham’s family, and with the Church. Learn about the six days of creation and the pattern they lay out for all prophesy. Understand the archetypes established by Adam & Eve; Cain, Abel & Seth; angels and giants; Noah; the original 70 nations and where they populated; and the first world ruler. 




Matthew 13:  The Kingdom Parables

There are seven kingdom parables in Matthew 13. Many commentators compare these seven parables with the seven letters to the churches in Revelation chapters 2-3. There are also seven Church epistles and seven personal epistles. The structure in each “seven” is the same, unlocking a deeper understanding of this “heptatic” (in sevens) style of Bible teaching. Learn what Jesus told his apostles about these parables that makes them a single prophesy in seven parts, laying out the mysteries of the Kingdom Age for us. 




First John: Tests of Fellowship with Christ

The First Epistle of John contains teachings John learned from Jesus about the difference between a true believer and a religious impostor, whom he calls antichrist. This is not a subject for the timid but if you dare, find out what Jesus taught John about who is real and who is false within the Church. Learn how we overcome the world in our personal lives and in our dealings with other believers.





Understanding Divorce

I read Christian books about divorce and spent a year journaling everything the Bible had to say about love, marriage, and divorce, but felt no closer to understanding why Jesus says the things he does about it. When I wrote the chapter on Ezekiel for my book, The Two Breads, I stumbled on the answer I was seeking. Every divorce in the Bible is preceded by adultery of one kind or another. I should have journaled what God says about adultery instead. It was the cause; divorce was merely the consequence.




The Four Horses of the Apocalypse

A group Bible study by Michael Mann on the book by Jane Elizabeth Cody, Birthing Eternity, 2013 WestBow Press.

A mind-blowing study of the last 500 years through the lens of prophesies in Revelation and Daniel. Most teachers place the opening of the seals and the ride of the four horsemen in the future, but what if we are already living in eschatological times as Peter and Paul believed?


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